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Integration Automation.

We connect your life to technology,
giving you efficient and intuitive control
over your environment.

Our Process

Discover our Automation Services

As technology integrators, we go beyond the well-known concepts of “Home Automation” and “Smart Homes”, because we offer integration services for the workplace as well as your home and even specialty applications like; yachts, high-rises, and more. We take your personal content, lifestyle preferences and your favorite fixtures/hardware and we connect it to your technology devices through a network and interactive controls; so that you can efficiently and intuitively control your surroundings. Optionally, we can automate these controls to react to pre-programmed settings automatically based on your specific preferences and needs. By integrating and automating your various systems; lighting, audio, video, security & surveillance, HVAC, etc., we make interacting with your environment’s technology straightforward allowing you to do what you want, when you want.

By working with audioDave, you can choose from pre-set integration solutions or you can sit with our experts to design your own custom solutions regardless of your preferred equipment.

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Areas we service

AudioDave can help with all your automation technology needs

  We have years of experience creating custom home automation solutions for a variety of homes.  


From state-of-the-art conference rooms to full offices, we create efficient and functional solutions


  We can design your automation experience for your yacht, plane, restaurant or other specialty environment.  


Who We Work With

Homeowners, Business Owners,
Property Owners

Looking to automate your home? We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners to create customized automation solutions to help you get the best possible experience out of your home.

Developers, Architects, Contractors, Designers

Looking for an edge on the market for the luxury homes you design or build? Consider offering custom-tailored home automation incorporated into your designs by partnering with AudioDave.


What clients say about us

Krell Industries, LLC.

AudioDave is a superior electronic system design firm. They are very competent at integrating, installing, and servicing the complex systems in which our products are included.

Bill McKiegan / President

David is the consummate professional. He is grounded and practical; fair and sophisticated. He understands his business and keeps abreast of the technology like no one’s business.

Scott Squillace / Homeowner

Specialized News

Our blog brings you the latest in integration and automation thought-leadership and technology. From expert interviews to fascinating case studies, we show you all that’s possible through connecting and controlling technology. With experience including fully automated yatchs, to conference rooms, to homes of all sizes, our team has implementation experience in all areas of the integration and automation world.

Follow our blog to learn the latest in integration and automation technology, best practices information, research and development, and more. How do you design a scalable system? What products come out on top in various applications? How can I replicate my controls for my second home? Have questions? Read the AudioDave blog to get the insider scoop on everything integration automation.

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