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Why Integrate and Automate Audio?

In today’s smart homes and offices, integrating and automating your audio systems is guaranteed to deliver increased efficiency and comfort for years to come. With integrated audio, you can easily switch between audio sources – whether you’re streaming online or singing along to treasured vinyl. audioDave makes configuration a breeze, so you won’t waste time fiddling with inputs or switches. Integrated audio means complete accessibility throughout the home or building, eliminating the need for portable speakers. And with individual control over every speaker and subwoofer, you’ll never again rely on clunky devices to produce the effects you want.

What does audioDave Do?

In order to integrate your audio equipment, audioDave’s team will assess what you already have in place. From there, he’ll determine whether any additional materials may be necessary. Once the necessary resources are assembled, all audio devices are integrated onto a single unified network, enabling full control of every piece of audio equipment in the home or building.

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Integration by audioDave means the big game will never look the same again.

  • Speakers placed strategically throughout the premises mean you won’t miss a moment of the game – or an important phone call – when the tensions are high. 
  • At work, link audio to video technology, lighting systems, and shades for the ultimate conference call "scene." 
  • Enhance your home office by integrating work content to smart audio systems and video monitors. 
  • Easily control the audio source of any speaker or room with just a click to your smart phone controller, or effortlessly activate your audio system throughout the entire home or office. 

audioDave’s technologies make it easy to select which locations hear which audio sources.


With audioDave’s customized automation, you won’t have to tell your audio equipment to do anything – it will simply act on its own accord!

  • Let audioDave help you to tailor your audio system so that it plays a pre-set integrated audio source automatically, at a time you’ve already programmed. 
  • Modify your audio system so that it “follows” you throughout your home or office. 
  • Set audio to play in different areas throughout the building – but only if they’re occupied.

Whatever your vision, we've got the knowledge and experience to craft a superior listening experience throughout your home or workplace.

Areas we service

audioDave can help with all your automation technology needs

We have years of experience creating custom home automation solutions for a variety of homes.


From state-of-the-art conference rooms to full offices, we create efficient and functional solutions


We can design your automation experience for your yacht, plane, restaurant or other specialty environment.