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Why Integrated and Automated Lighting?

When it comes to smart buildings, lighting is typically the first element to be integrated and automated, since smart home and business-owners who integrate their lighting systems typically witness an immediate reduction in energy costs. Modern integrated homes and buildings connect foundational elements, including the network and controller, to entire lighting systems, including light fixtures, dimmers, and switches, for a finely-tuned, ever-responsive user experience, day after day—and night after night.

With integrated lighting, you’ll gain control over each individual light in the building, and you’ll be empowered to activate each light in the home or office with just one touch to your smartphone or tablet. Use smart lighting to maintain pre-set “scenes”—Movie Night, Lights Out, and Welcome Home scenes can be easily tailored around your preferences and schedules. Use integrated lighting to turn any set of lights on or off – even when you’re miles from home – to cultivate an appearance of occupied premises.

What Does audioDave Do?

audioDave begins by installing a robust, lightweight network throughout the building. Next, he connects a virtual control, which functions as the heart of the smart home. From there, devices, systems, and technologies are added one by one - including lighting. Working in close concert with his clients, audioDave's specialty is tailoring every system in the home to work precisely for the individual—whatever her vision may be.

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With a customized control, manually activate lighting systems throughout the premises. Whether you're looking to adjust a single integrated element or a combined scene or function, audioDave is committed to providing state-of-the-art integration for efficient, intuitive lighting control.

  • At work, implement lighting-focused "Business Open" and "Business Closed" settings—single controls to open your office building or securely shut it down for the night.
  • Kick-start your morning with an "Office Welcome" control that prepares your workspace for you before you even walk through the door.
  • At home, program "Bedtime" and "Away from Home" settings that "talk to" every light in the home, turning them off and on automatically to promote good sleep or discourage intruders.
  • Activate a "Movie Night" scene for seamless, unified control of your audiovisual equipment alongside lighting and temperature controls.
  • Set unique lighting preferences when you're away from home to discourage intruders. A bright home with ever-adjusting lights gives the impression of a busy, occupied space.



As the automation expert, audioDave can program controls that automatically react to timing preferences, temperature changes, daylight adjustments, or sensor activity.

  • Never come home to a dark home again. audioDave can install sensors that detect your arrival from the end of the driveway. From there, specific lights are triggered to illuminate your path, and may even be programmed to work in tandem with smart door locks and temperature controls for a fully automated homecoming.
  • Automate lighting at work – set lights to turn on during business hours, then shut selectively off after closing time.
  • Automate lighting in tandem with security and surveillance measures, so that lights immediately activate with any unusual motion or activity - inside and out.
  • Room to room, automated lighting ensures you’ll only use what you need – unoccupied rooms automatically go unlit.
  • Employ an automated lighting system that adapts to changes in temperature, atmospheric conditions, and ambient lighting.


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